Meet the Focus Points Team

Focus Points Family Resource Center is a non-profit organization committed to serving low-income families in the greater northeast Denver area.


Board Chair

Santi Yarlagadda

Board Member

Gina Seeley

Board Member

Tonia Martinez

Board Member

Damon Ramirez

Board Member

María Corral

Board Member

Kendrick McLish

Board Member

John Martinez


Executive Director

Jules Kelty

Director of Finance & Human Resources

Elvia Rodriguez

Director of Social Enterprise

Matt Vernon

Director of Family Programs

Mayra Ramirez

Education Programs

Senior Manager of Home Visitation & Adult Education

Elizabeth Chaney

Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY)

HIPPY Program Manager

Glenda Caridad

HIPPY Program Assistant

Kathia Sanchez

HIPPY Parent Educator

Claudia Cardoza-Flores

HIPPY Parent Educator

Maria del Socorro Chavez

HIPPY Parent Educator

Araceli Martinez

HIPPY Parent Educator

Minerva Ramirez

HIPPY Parent Educator

Anabel Marquez

HIPPY Parent Educator

Maria Heredia

HIPPY Parent Educator

Reyna Duran

HIPPY Parent Educator

Mayra Ayala

HIPPY Parent Educator

Rita Diaz

Parents As Teachers (PAT)

PAT Manager

Greyce Franco

PAT Parent Educator

Elvia Antillón​

PAT Parent Educator

Maria Fernandez

PAT Parent Educator

Elvira Rivera

PAT Parent Educator

Priscilia Martinez

Adult Education

Adult Education Manager

Caroline Garcia

Administrative Assistant

R. Gabriela Miranda

CRSP Coordinator

Erica Dine

ELA Instructor

Abigail McGaha-Miller

CRSP Transitions Instructor

Bonnie J. Herman

Kandyce Pinckney, Focus Points
ELA Instructor

Kandyce Pinckney

ELA Instructor

Deborah Dupuis

ELA Instructor

Adrienne Mullinaux

ECE Instructor

Huda Dhaif

ELA Instructor

Maya Nechayeva

ELA Instructor

Carolina Martinez

ELA Instructor

Diana Rangl

Family Support Services

Community & Family Development Manager

Mayra Aviña

Family Support Services Lead Specialist

David Wehrwein

Family Support Services Specialist

Lucrecia Escobedo

Family Support Services Specialist

Mario Piña

Clinical Therapist

Kristoffer Rodriguez

Workforce Specialist

Hilda Herdández

Comal Heritage Food Incubator

Program Manager

Arden Lewis

Front of House Specialist

Brenda Cortez

Back of House Specialist

Pedro Sequeda

Huerta Urbana 2-Gen Farm Incubator

Program Manager, Huerta Urbana 2Gen Farm Incubator

Seynabou Sohai

Program Specialist, Huerta Urbana 2Gen Farm Incubator

Karen Bustillos

Administrative Support

Manager of Centralized Services

Julia Santisteban

Finance Specialist

Judith Anaya

Human Resources Specialist

Thelma Llanas

Database Specialist

Ashley Aquino


Camila Rojas-Ramirez

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