Meet the Focus Points Team

Focus Points Family Resource Center is a non-profit organization committed to serving low-income families in the greater northeast Denver area.



Cecelia Ballester

Vice Chair

Amanda Gonzalez


LeeAnn Morrill


Joan Chandler

Board Member

Shawn Dougherty

Board Member

Susan Downs-Karkos

Board Member

Yessica Holguin

Board Member

Santi Yarlagadda


Executive Director

Jules Kelty

Director of Adult Education & Workforce

Delta Donohue

Director of Development

Jhon Londoño

Director of Family Programs

Mayra Ramirez

Director of Finance & Human Resources

Elvia Rodriguez

Administrative Support

Manager of Centralized Services

Laura Anaya

Development & Communications Manager

Allegra Mangione

Data Specialist

Yerena Gonzalez

Finance & Human Resources Specialist

José Gutierrez


Melissa Chavez

Administration & Program Support

Lucrecia Escobedo

Early Childhood Education

Senior Manager of PAT & HIPPY

Indira Galaviz

HIPPY Program Manager

Glenda Caridad

ECE Program Manager

Julia Santisteban

PAT Parent Educator

Elvia Antillón

PAT Parent Educator

Perla Cano

PAT Parent Educator

Maria Fernandez

PAT Parent Educator

Elvira Rivera

ECE Educator

Cecilia Cabral

ECE Educator

Rosa Gonzalez

ECE Educator

Maria Rey de Barba

ECE Educator

Oneyda Rios

Adult Education

Adult Education Manager

Caroline Garcia

Refugee Program Admissions Coordinator

Kellie Ramirez

ELA Lead Instructor

Anna Meenan

ELA Instructor

Deborah Dupuis

ELA Instructor

Bonnie Herman

ELA Instructor

Ryan Jeffers

ELA Instructor

Tracy Kiteya Vasquez

ELA Instructor

Patty Kudla

ELA Instructor

Christopher Lorfing

ELA Instructor

Katherine Perry

ELA Instructor

Roslyn Rudnick

ELA Instructor

Lindsay Sandham

ELA Instructor

Amelia Wood

Education & Economic Opportunity Administrative Assistant

Gabriela Medina

Family & Community Development

Community & Family Development Manager

Mayra Aviña

Lead Family Development Specialist

Jeanette Martinez

Community Partnership Specialist

Grace Soulen

Clinical Therapist

Kristoffer Rodriguez

Economic Opportunity

Senior Manager of Social Enterprise

Matt Vernon

Education & Economic Opportunity Workforce Manager

Whitney Wise

Executive Chef, Comal Heritage Food Incubator

Arden Lewis

Education & Economic Opportunity Case Manager

Guadalupe Chavez

Economic Opportunity Coordinator

Jen Kim

Education & Economic Opportunity Employment Specialist

Zach Antonio Torres

Comal Sous Chef

Claire Wescott

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