Globeville Community Farmers Market

A pay-what-you-can market dedicated to increasing food access in the Globeville Elyria-Swansea (GES) neighborhoods.

Globeville Community Farmers Market is a pay-what-you-can market dedicated to increasing food access in Globeville and surrounding areas.

Day: Every Thursday through October 28th

Time: 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Location: La Incubadora de Comida de Patrimonio de Comal (Comal Heritage Food Incubator)
3455 Ringsby Ct. Denver, CO 80216

About Globeville Community Farmers Market – What is a Pay-What-You-Can Farmers Market?

Now in its second year, the Globeville Community Farmers Market serves as a fun, educational, equitable. and thriving community gathering space that is affordable for all. The market operates in collaboration with vendors and community partners using a pay-what-you-can model supporting access to fresh, healthy produce as well as local economic development. 

The market’s pay-what-you-can model provides affordable access to healthy, seasonal produce and other pantry essentials by giving customers the option to pay a reduced cost for the items they purchase. 

There are three ways to pay for goods at the market:

  1. Customers may pay full price for their items
  2. Customers may pay what they can, whether this is a few dollars or nothing at all.
  3. Customers may ‘pay it forward’ by paying more than full price to support a family facing food insecurity.

Dollars raised through the market will go back into a fund to continue reimbursing farmers and producers while covering the cost of additional groceries for community members in need. Additionally, grant funding and donations will allow organizers to reimburse vendors so that equity for famers is included and no stakeholder forgoes their needs. 

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Thank you to our wonderful vendors!


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