Workforce Development

Find your pathway to stable income with one-on-one career guidance.

At Focus Points, we understand job security can be a major stress on the family. That is why we work one on one to confidentially discuss the best options for you. By creating a network of support, we can help make you successful at work and in your career.

Our Services

  • Resume Building: Tell your best story the way employers listen.
  • Interview Preparation: Practice with us to make the best impression. Learn what employers are allowed and NOT allowed to ask you, and feel confident in your next interview.
  • Job Exploration: Interested in something new? Find out what jobs are in demand and what skills they require. You could be their best fit!
  • Career Goals & Planning: Continuing your career or restarting in the US can have many obstacles. Create a plan with us to make it a reality.
  • Support Services: There can be many things that keep you from a job: transportation, child, care, family support, or something else. We partner with many organizations that can provide support and solutions so you can feel confident at work.

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Request a Workforce Development Appointment

Request a Workforce Development Appointment

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