Construyendo mejores comunidades al fortalecer a la familia

Aprenda. Crezca. Logre.

Vinculando a las familias con los recursos que necesitan para construir vidas fuertes y saludables.

Focus Points is Participating in Colorado Gives Day 2023

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Construyendo mejores comunidades al fortalecer a la familia

Creemos que una familia fuerte consiste en individuos prósperos. Nuestros programas sirven a las necesidades de familias por vincularles con los recursos que les ayudan a tener éxito.

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Family Support

Advancing family sustainability through classes and guidance, using a goal setting and strength-based approach.


Community Resources

Connecting people to resources to advance health equity, financial stability, networks, and community.

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Opening doors to success for children and adults by providing training and high-quality instruction.


Economic Inclusion

Driving economic stability for communities, families, and individuals by teaching new job skills, advancing careers and co-creating businesses and social enterprises with community.

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La Incubadora de Comida de Patrimonio de Comal (Comal Heritage Food Incubator)

Específicamente para los emprendedores de comida, Comal provee la capacitación, los ingresos, y el apoyo para ayudarle a lanzar un negocio basado en la comida.

Huerta Urbana

Huerta Urbana 2-Gen Farm Incubator is an agricultural social enterprise that provides economic opportunities for families and ensures access to fresh and healthy food.


Join Us in Supporting Denver Families this Holiday Season

Thank you for being a valued member of the Focus Points Family Resource Center community! We extend a special invitation to join us in supporting our annual Colorado Gives Day campaign happening this Tuesday, December 5th.

This year, our goal is to raise $15,000, to ensure hundreds of families benefit from life-changing programs within their local community. Your contribution makes a meaningful impact on the lives we touch. Together, let’s make a difference!

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