Focus Points Programs

Focus Points offers a range of free and low-cost family services covering education, family assistance, health and wellness, connections to community resources and a platform for economic inclusion. 

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Educación para adultos

Six levels of affordable, high quality English classes offered at Focus Points Family Resource Center. Hybrid and virtual classes are also offered.

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Educación temprana infantil

Ayude a sus niños a comenzar con una base fuerte para el aprendizaje con la programación de la educación temprana infantil de Focus Points.


Asistencia familiar

Meet with our Family Support Services Specialists who can connect you to the resources your family needs.


Economic Inclusion

Driving economic stability for communities, families, and individuals by teaching new job skills, advancing careers and co-creating businesses and social enterprises with community.

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Salud y bienestar

From mental health services to access to a bike library, Focus Points is committed to promoting healthier lifestyles. 


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