Jardín comunitario de Focus Points

El jardín comunitario del Oasis de Lorraine está abierto a familias para alquilar parcelas de forma estacional.

Focus Points’ Community Garden, El Oasis de Lorraine, has 16 garden plots available for families to rent on a seasonal basis. Growing your own fresh, organic fruits and vegetables is one way to increase access to healthy food for your family. Community gardeners are invited to attend gardening and composting classes to learn from each other and improve their skills. The community chose to name the garden after Lorraine L. Granado, to honor her work in community organizing and non-profit development for over 30 years in the GES neighborhood.

Nuestro jardín ofrece:

  • Parcelas de jardín de 10’ x 10’
  • Clases de jardinería
  • Clases de compostaje
  • Acceso al almacén de jardín
  • Semillas y plántulas
  • Una oportunidad para cultivar sus propias verduras y frutas
  • $10 al año

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Contact our Community Engagement Manager at 303-292-0770 x135.


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