Parents As Teachers (PAT)
Early Childhood Education–Ages 0-3

Be your child’s first and most important teacher.

Parents as Teachers (PAT) promotes the optimal early development, learning and health of children by supporting and engaging caregivers. The Parents as Teachers approach is to partner, facilitate, and reflect, using an internationally-recognized, evidence-based home visitation model backed by 35 years of research-proven outcomes. Parents as Teachers currently serves nearly 200,000 families in all 50 U.S. states and six countries.

We meet with caregivers and children two times per month for one hour. During this time, we:

  • Lead parent-child interaction activities
  • Discuss a child development topic and a family well-being topic
  • Monitor progress towards developmental milestones

Once per month, we host a group meeting where PAT families can learn together. Like home visits, these meetings have a dual focus:

  • Activity stations teach parents activities they can do with their children, including early literacy and math, social-emotional skills, and gross motor skills
  • Education about parenting skills and family well-being

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In October 2018, Focus Points Parents as Teachers was awarded Blue Ribbon Affiliate Status. This is the highest recognition a Parents as Teachers program can receive.


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