CRSP (Colorado Refugee Services Program) ELA Instructor - Part Time

Position Title: CRSP (Colorado Refugee Services Program) ELA Instructor 

Reports to: Manager of CRSP Program

Status: Part-time, up to 30 hours per week

Salary: $25 / hour

Benefits: Paid Sick Time; accrued  


Mission of Focus Points Family Resource Center:  To build better communities by strengthening families.  

Scope of Organization: For 27 years, Focus Points has worked successfully to transform the lives of low-income and working working families in Northeast Denver and beyond. Focus Points serves over 2,900 participants each year, most of whom are Spanish-speaking immigrants. Focus Points is strongly committed to our values around collaboration, equity, and integrity which add to our four pillars: 

  • Family Support – Advancing family sustainability through classes and guidance, using a goal setting and strength-based approach.
  • Community Resources – Connecting people to resources that advance health equity, financial stability, networks, and community.
  • Education – Opening doors to success for children and adults by providing training and high-quality instruction.
  • Economic Inclusion – Driving economic stability for communities, families, and individuals by teaching new job skills, advancing careers and co-creating businesses and social enterprises with community.

Position Summary:

The CRSP ELA Instructor is a part-time instructor for our adult refugee ELA program. The instructor is responsible for the teaching of up to three classes as well as assisting with academic activities and general administrative duties as assigned. Our program depends on the instructor’s ability to guide our students in a cohesive and consistent manner in order to help grow the department and keep performance, attendance rates, and morale high. A large percentage of our students have never attended school before and many are pre-literate in their native languages. As such, our instructors must be highly patient, empathetic, linguistically flexible, and well organized. This role requires planning and teaching up to three (3) classes per week, ranging from pre-literate to advanced levels. Our courses are 2.5 hours each and held 2x weekly. For every individual 2.5 hour class, instructors are given 1 hour of planning time. This is currently a fully remote position—with attendance to in-person meetings and trainings required—and will likely require adjustment to in-person or hybrid classroom modalities in the near future.  


  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field 
  • Adult Education experience 
  • ESL/ ELA teaching experience, particularly work with refugees/ asylees and/ or vulnerable populations 
  • Certified in English language teaching (e.g., TESOL; TESL; CELTA; DELTA; ABEA, etc.) 

Responsibilities and Activities:


  • Instruct up to 3 assigned ELA classes for the duration of scheduled semester 
  • Provide instruction via physical classes and/ or hybrid and/ or online classes  
  • Arrive to class 15 minutes early, prepared for classes 
  • Create and adapt student curriculum
  • Host ELA Zoom class for the entire duration of class period 
  • Provide life and work skills-based instruction for ELA classes utilizing appropriate ELA curriculum; use of a variety of materials and teaching techniques to enhance learning and outcomes and to maintain learner interest 
  • Incorporate use of technology into the curriculum and classroom instruction, as appropriate and available and within the program Digital Literacy Plan 
  • Provide all learners with a safe, appropriate, and culturally conscious learning environment; Offer classroom accommodations whenever needed 

 Academic Assistance & Support 

  • Help to plan and host quarterly ESL integration activities for students, either virtually or in-person 
  • Help to execute quarterly student assessments and annual student testing  
  • Meet individually with every new student for a brief introduction/ welcome and to craft academic goals 
  • Help create individual academic goals with students and check in on goals-related progress every quarter    

Outreach & Communication 

  • Utilize WhatsApp for class group texting and communication 
  • Communicate with students through phone calls (with interpretation assistance if needed), translated text messaging, and audio messaging on a regular basis 
  • Text students before each class period to ensure attendance and retention 
  • Perform student outreach during class time if no students are in attendance 
  • Contact any learner that has missed more than 2 consecutive classes 
  • Utilize interpretation technology to communicate with pre-literate and non-conversational students 

Additional Responsibilities 

  • Keep attendance records and share with CRSP Program Manager and CRSP Specialist to be updated once per week  
  • Coordinate your own substitute instructors when necessary; inform the Manager with as much advance notice as possible and provide guidance with lesson plans for substitute 
  • Attend required CRSP meetings 
  • Attend required company meetings and team-building activities 
  • Complete all required CRSP trainings as well as FRCA and other Focus Points trainings 
  • Accumulate professional development hours and complete all forms and reports associated with CDE’s and/ or CRSP’s requirements 
  • Attend workshop, trainings, and meetings as requested by CRSP Program Manager 
  • Keep the CRSP Program Manager informed of all pertinent information 
  • Maintain regular contact with CRSP Specialist to share relevant information and changes related to:  
    1) instructor-related time off, substitute teaching plans, sick days, adjustments to any scheduled classes;  
    2) student-related changes to personal schedules and availability, progress and attendance, course changes, health and wellness 
  • Submit timesheets for payroll before deadlines 
  • Adhere to all organizational policies including submitting time-off requests well in advance of time-off needed 
  • Ensure classroom and/ or office space is kept organized 
  • Maintain a professional attitude and adhere to a high level of confidentiality towards Focus Points staff and participants 
  • Maintain cooperative relationships and open communication with all staff, participants, and off-site contacts 
  • Other duties as assigned within the scope of this position and organization handbook  

Required Competencies: 

    • Teaching/Training: Ability to develop, deliver, and adapt the curriculum to different learning styles to engage, share information, and increase skill level of participants 
    • Curriculum Planning: Create and deliver lessons that are skill-specific and student-driven to meet the needs and objectives of the class 
    • Written Communication: Utilize email, digital data tracking platforms, and classroom planning materials (such as lesson plans) to report progress and needs for each class 
    • Linguistic Flexibility: Download and use interpretation applications and resources to communicate with students who may be pre-literate or non-conversational in English; communication will include direct phone calls and/ or text messaging 
    • Decision Making/Judgement: Ability to manage classroom dynamics to ensure a safe and equitable learning environment for all; this includes ensuring that your classroom environment is structured to meet the needs of a diverse range of students in terms of cultural and religious sensitivities as well as linguistic and technological barriers 
    • Interpersonal Skills: Ability to control and express one’s emotions in a judicious, patient, and empathetic manner, both in the classroom and with team members and other staff, to productively contribute to the team and classroom dynamic 
    • Computer Skills: Ability to navigate and troubleshoot Microsoft Office suite products, Google Drive files, WhatsApp, Zoom, and various internet browsers; willingness to download and learn new technologies and applications as the landscape of online teaching shifts; have knowledge of efficiency shortcuts (like bookmarks) and demonstrate professional email etiquette, etc., in order to plan curriculum and teach students these technical skills; exhibit proficiency in subject areas and be able to share knowledge in order to meet learning objectives 

Preferred Competencies: 

    • Bilingualism: Ability to communicate in another language to support linguistic justice for our participants and ensure equitable access to information and social capital; preferred languages currently include Spanish, Dari/Farsi, Pashto, Ukrainian, Arabic, Russian, Urdu, Tigrinya, Kinyarwanda 
    • Time Management: Create and execute effective lessons within the time limit of the class 
    • Information Gathering: Record student attendance and log feedback when necessary to provide timely and accurate accounts of class activity 

Diversity Statement
Personal or professional commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as demonstrated by persistent effort, active planning, allocation of resources and/or accountability for diversity and inclusion outcomes. Applicant must share a commitment to anti-racist work.

COVID-19 Precaution(s): (These are subject to current guidelines) 

  • Sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleaning procedures in place 
  • Masking optional 
  • Some virtual meetings 

To Apply

Send cover letter, resume, and three professional references to Erica Dine, CRSP Program Manager, at This position is being interviewed on a rolling basis for immediate hiring; please submit your application as soon as possible. 

Focus Points Resource Center is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits unlawful discrimination on the basis of age, race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability, military status, genetic information, ancestry, creed, gender identity or expression, and sexual orientation, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law. 


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